Tinder, the Fast Growing Dating App, Taps an Age Old Truth

Tinder, the Fast Growing Dating App, Taps an Age Old Truth

I noticed that every few minutes young women would walk into the foyer, dressed in flip-flops, T-shirts and tattered jean shorts, and then go through a radical transformation as I sat in the lobby of a drab office building here, waiting to be led up to the penthouse loft of Tinder, the fast-growing dating app.

Swapping down their rubber sandals for stiletto heels, they smeared on globs of lip gloss and flung on leather coats. After a wardrobe that is 30-second, they certainly were prepared with their appointments at a modeling agency on a lawn floor. Exact Same individuals: two really various personas.

A brief elevator trip later on, when I sat in on a gathering with a team of Tinder professionals, it became clear that the quick-change work we had simply witnessed downstairs, though unrelated to Tinder, nevertheless had too much to do as to what was going in upstairs. exactly exactly What somebody wears, as well as other clues that are visual down in photographs, can inform one thousand various things about them.

And Tinder believes why these clues are the important thing to internet dating.

Within the 2 yrs since Tinder was launched, the smartphone application has exploded, processing significantly more than a billion swipes left and right daily (right means you “like” somebody, left means you don’t) and matching a lot more than 12 million individuals for the reason that exact same time, the business stated. Tinder wouldn’t share the precise amount of people from the solution, saying just it was on par along with other internet sites at 2 yrs in procedure. Continue reading “Tinder, the Fast Growing Dating App, Taps an Age Old Truth”