Faqs .Eagle is a traditional customer finance business.

Faqs .Eagle is a traditional customer finance business.


It might be much easier to start with saying whom Eagle just isn’t. We have been maybe not a cash advance operation, “payday lender” or a “title” loan provider. Those organizations keep on being under government scrutiny presently and quite often customer boat finance companies like Eagle are improperly rolled into that exact same category. This will be most likely because we have been both perhaps not old-fashioned banking institutions, but both nevertheless provide cash. But, the similarities end there.

business model (and prices) of old-fashioned boat loan companies have actually fundamentally maybe not changed in over 130 years. With Eagle, you prevent the typical red-tape that banks subject you to definitely so that you can get a loan that is small.

Our main company is simple- unsecured loans to people. Typically, loans are $1,000-$10,000 and paid down in 8-24 months. Individuals utilize Eagle for things as necessary and instant as spending bills, or because discretionary as using a dream getaway. Several other examples are: fixing a car, purchasing furniture, house fix, going costs, and rebuilding credit that is personal.


Simply speaking, Center America. Nearly all of our clients have good investing jobs. A few of our customers have experienced credit bureau problems due to a previous life situation: unforeseen medical expense, work loss, breakup, sudden income decrease, and maybe even simply easy bad monetary preparation. These people is almost certainly not in a position to borrow cash at a traditional bank or bank card business.

Some other clients just such as the simplicity and convenience of accomplishing company with Eagle. As a result, a number of our current clients are repeat clients and employ Eagle within the exact same fashion numerous People in america responsibly utilize charge cards today.

Eagle makes credit open to America that is middle at finance business prices. Continue reading “Faqs .Eagle is a traditional customer finance business.”